Bregenz Life

Xocolat (Winner of Wirtschaftstage)
& Kelvin Jones

This campaign was created as a lead up to the annual BREGENZ LIFE Festival.

We asked business owners (who would have stalls at the festival) why they have their business in Bregenz and what BREGENZ LIFE means to them.

A unique perspective to the Life of the city, also giving the LOCAL Businesses a platform to shine. Audiences are inspired to recognise and support the local trade. It's about the city's heart...Its people.



Talente Check - BIFO

A mentoring program for students aimed at guiding them closer towards their chosen profession.

The challenge was to remain academic in the explanation of the programme and simultaneously adopt the same creative language as a young student.

Academic AND Poetic.

Comprehensive AND Emotive



Good Life
Spring Video

Good Life is an established and celebrated HIP HOP Party in Vorarlberg. A massive community of trappers, grinders and twerkers shimmy to this party cause of its extravagance, expression and sexuality.

We chose to encapsulate the flava of the Good Life Party as well as create a ‘Good Life’ philosophy outside of the club doors.

Creating a floor for Audiences to feel the vibe come alive and remain true to the brand and it's tribe.

Thats how we roll!



Motion & Dance Werkstatt

A Community Dance Studio with a passion for movement, the freedom of dance and is a familiar place full of heart.

It was about capturing the essence of this community, what makes it come alive. Martina the head instructor told us what dance means to her, what it gives her in life and we manifested those emotions into this campaign.

Martina’s story led to the creation of the studio and therefore we knew it was vital to capture her purpose in the branding of this soulful space.



Sportgymnasium Dornbirn

This is a school dedicated to sports and therefore we commited to discovering the meaning of sport through the personal relationship the students share with their own chosen Sport.

As we spoke to alumni and current students we uncovered that it was more than a subject for them. In fact, more of a life-long companion, there through the good and the bad.

Sports was what taught them to define themselves and their own path.



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