‘It is more than a film. It is a story about life.’

Inviting YOUR audience to get to the core of YOU and understand your WHY, your PURPOSE.

Tontheater captures and tells your authentic message and your mission, with relatable film, storytelling and content, out-of-the-box consultancy and sustainable creativity.

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authentic content

We believe in the EXTRAordinary.

There is power in the truth and beauty in reality. Capturing it authentically through film, sound and creative content, invites the audience to see, hear, feel and become a part of your world.

They understand themselves in your authenticity and therefore will understand your mission and your message. Together we capture the true reality. Together we present Authenticity and a truthful message.

sustainable creativity

We Create and Collaborate to Sustain

We sprout for creating content and telling stories about Sustainability AND Social Impact.

Our Sustainable approach to our creativity means a focus on green production values and aligning with all 17 UN SDG goals.

Our mission is to create to its full potential. We also recycle our content in order to be creatively and holistically efficient and effective.

relatable storytelling

WE connect when WE relate.

When we can relate to the story, we are emotionally connected to it. Relatable Storytelling allows the audience to see themselves, in your story and therefore, feel your message.

out of the box thinking

We step out of the comfort zone to step closer to the magic.

Our 'thing' has always been about getting real, going deep and being fearless. This leads us to approach our creative process with courage and a commitment to inspire, to be original and one-of-a-kind and still contain the magic of keeping it real.






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