Lern dich weiter

Leos Permakulturhof
& Sandy P. Peng

WIFI is the largest Further Education Center in Austria and their campaign ‘Lern dich kennen, lern dich weiter’ was created to inspire new career paths and perspectives through Further Education.

We found 4 Extra-ordinary Characters that had found their careers and purposeful paths because they followed the calling of their passion.



Better together
AK Vorarlberg

The Chamber of Labour - Arbeiterkammer gave us the opportunity to create a campaign where to tell the story of the values and the philosophy of the AK. This one was about the power of partnership.

So we went real and we went raw and decided to talk to union representatives about their own Partnerships and relationships in their most relatable context... at Home. To connect with the audience on a human and authentic level.




Surfmax is a picturesque, natural gem on Lake Constance. It is a Stand-up Paddle and Windsurf Station, offering rentals, tours and courses. More than that, its a place where you connect to nature, where you let go, where you feel the abundance of life.

The ultimate goal of the campaign was to create the same emotions, the same epic connection that one would feel sitting on a deck chair with a cold beer watching the water and just simply LOVING life at Surfmax.



zemmawagsa | Farm Content

Zemmawagsa means Grow Together

As a company we believe that to create is to sustain and as our story tells of both creativity and sustainability, we planted our social impact seed with Zemmawagsa. A Creative Branding House AND Academy for Social Impact stories and Sustainable Content.



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